Dr. Simona Giunta is a Cancer Research Scientist and works as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Rockefeller University, where she studies how normal cells can become cancerous by ‘losing the plot’, especially during the ever-important process of cell division.

Trained in Classical and Scientific Studies, at 19 she left her home town, Dragona, a rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome, to study for a BSc in Cancer Biology at Brunel University in London. For her experimental thesis, she worked at the nuclear reactor in Grenoble and at the NIMR and Barts Cancer Institute and Medical School in London, working to simulate leukaemia in zebrafish. While undertaking her Ph.D. in Cancer Research at the University of Cambridge, where she uncovered how normal and cancer cells respond to DNA damage during the cell cycle phase of mitosis, she founded the Women Society of St John’s College, promoting gender equality in academia, and was Science Editor of The Cambridge Student newspaper.

In addition, she is an editor and writer for the new Rockefeller University blog, The Incubator, head of the Science & Media Club, she has acted as a scientific consultant to the healthcare industry and a lecturer in Genome Integrity. She is also the founder and president of a new science outreach initiative, called kNOW SCIENCE, which aims to bring science literacy to companies and institutions worldwide. Away from science (and writing about science!), she is a volunteer for the homeless and the poor in New York City with the Community of Sant’Egidio and an avid traveller, having blogged about her journey while traversing the Eastern hemisphere in a 1974 yellow VW camper van called Miss Sunshine!

To contact Simona, please write to info@know-science.org


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